How to I become a Booster Member?

When you donate to any of the booster scholarships and or facility improvements, you are a booster member.  There is no longer booster membership perks, as in the past. The Boosters give 95% of all funds raised back into the Cal Poly Rodeo program, the remaining 5% is used to for Rodeo Boosters expenses throughout the year. If you would like to join our mailing list, please fill out this survey!

Where should I donate?

Where you choose to donate is completely up to you. Donating to the Rodeo Boosters or the Cal Poly Rodeo Team through Cal Poly University benefits the Cal Poly Rodeo program in various ways. 

Where does my donation go to?

When you donate to the Rodeo Boosters, you can designate your donation to a specific scholarship, the general scholarship fund, or to the facility Improvement funds. A list of all the scholarships awarded each year can be found on the Scholarships Page at rodeoboosters.com. 

How are scholarships awarded?

There are a total of 7 specific scholarship and 8 general scholarships awarded to deserving members of the Cal Poly Rodeo Team at the Poly Royal Banquet each April.

How does my donation impact the Cal Poly Rodeo Program?

The goal of the Rodeo Boosters is to award scholarships to Cal Poly Rodeo Students and assist with facility maintenance and improvements.  Your donation will directly impact the students that are a part of the Cal Poly Rodeo Team. 

Do I get any benefits from donating to the Rodeo Boosters?

The Rodeo Boosters is a 501-c-3 non-profit organization which allows donors to utilize their donation as a tax write off, always consult your accountant.

How are the rodeo boosters implementing these Capital Improvements?

The Rodeo Boosters, through fundraising, can make renovations and add new facilities on the Cal Poly Rodeo Grounds. More information regarding past projects and current fundraising efforts can be found on the Donate page. 

Why are the Rodeo Boosters able to implement Capital Improvements better than through the University?

The Rodeo Boosters have opened new doors for facility projects on the University’s Campus through a land lease agreement. This allows the Rodeo Boosters to facilitate an entire project in a timely manner and avoid the University’s additional costs.

If I want to create a new scholarship, how do I do that?

Yes! We add scholarships to our list as they are requested. If you would like to set up a new scholarship, please reach out to Rodeo Booster President, Ron Bass. mrdbass@charter.net

Do I get tickets to Poly Royal for my donation?

As your donation is 100% tax deductible (consult your accountant) for donating to this 501-c-3 nonprofit organization #46-0466538, we are unable to gift any benefits for a donation to the Rodeo Boosters; it takes away from the principal purpose of the boosters and that is to provide the most impact to the students and or its facility. If you would like to be a Poly Royal sponsor and obtain benefits during Poly Royal week, please reach out to the advancement team within CAFES, rkabaker@calpoly.edu or the Cal Poly Rodeo Team, rodeo@calpoly.edu.

Facility ImprovementsScholarships
New Projects in Need of Funding Patrick McWhorter Memorial Scholarship
Locker Room/Restroom FacilitiesJim Usher Memorial Scholarship
Arena Lighting UpgradeFarquer Tie-Down Scholarship
Completed ProjectsManfred & Jean Sander Scholarship
Hay Barn & Livestock Cover Karl Giacomini Memorial Buckle Scholarship
Re-Build Announcer / Timing BoothJohn McDonald Memorial Buckle Scholarship
Bucking Chute Safety Pads Smooth Mouth Memorial Scholarship x2
113 Covered Pipe horse stalls CNFR Scholarship
Reconstruction of Roping chute, lead up and catch pensGeneral Scholarship Fund (up to 8 per year)

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